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Effects Of Low Fat Diet

effects of low fat diet

    low fat
  • Diet food (or dietetic food) refers to any food or drink whose recipe has been altered in some way to make it part of a body modification diet.

  • 3 g or less per reference amount (and per 50 g if reference amount is small).

  • This food labeling term denotes the product has less than 3g of fat in a given size of serving.

  • property of a personal character that is portable but not used in business; "she left some of her personal effects in the house"; "I watched over their effects until they returned"

  • (effect) consequence: a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon; "the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"; "his decision had depressing consequences for business"; "he acted very wise after the event"

  • (effect) produce; "The scientists set up a shock wave"

  • Cause (something) to happen; bring about

  • Restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight

  • a legislative assembly in certain countries (e.g., Japan)

  • a prescribed selection of foods

  • follow a regimen or a diet, as for health reasons; "He has high blood pressure and must stick to a low-salt diet"

effects of low fat diet - The effects

The effects of exercise and a low-fat diet on disease risk and monocyte TLR expression in mice.

The effects of exercise and a low-fat diet on disease risk and monocyte TLR expression in mice.

Excess adiposity increases systemic inflammation, which is implicated in various diseases. Physical activity, both forced and voluntary, may reverse the disease risk associated with weight gain from high-fat, high-calorie feeding. Purpose. To determine if 8-weeks of aerobic exercise training combined with low-fat feeding reverses changes in disease risk, monocyte concentration and monocyte TLR2/TLR4 expression. Methods. For 12-months, 24 CD-1 mice underwent a pre-treatment phase, consuming either a low-fat (10% kcal from fat, N=6) or high-fat (60% kcal from fat, N=18) diet ad libitum. High-fat fed mice were randomly assigned to one of three groups (N=6/group): V-EX (high-fat pre-treatment, switched to low-fat chow, free access to running wheel 5 days/week), F-EX (high-fat pre-treatment, switched to low-fat chow, forced treadmill running at 22 m-min-1, 60-min/day, 5 days/week), or SD (high-fat pre-treatment, switched to low-fat chow, no exercise). Mice that were pre-treated with the low fat diet were used as a control group (CN, N=6). Outcome measurements were made on weekly saphenous vein blood samples using 3-color flow cytometry. Blood glucose and cholesterol concentration were analyzed weekly using a commercially available glucose and cholesterol monitoring system. IPGTT was performed at baseline and week 8 and analyzed as area under the curve. Results. All groups lost significant body weight over 8-weeks (P<0.001). V-EX lost 36.4% and F-EX lost 27.1% from baseline to week 8 (P<0.001). V-EX ran 4.4x times more than F-EX (P<0.001). There were no significant effects for blood cholesterol. CN had 26% higher glucose levels than V-EX (P=0.009). On average, there was a 59.3% decrease in IPGTT AUC from baseline to week 8 and V-EX decreased 37.4% more than CN. At week 8, monocyte concentration was 6x higher than week 1 (P=0.002). Specifically, V-EX was greater than both CN (48.9%) and F-EX (58.9%). Cell-surface TLR2 expression was significantly greater at week 6 (54.6%) and week 8 (22.9%) relative to baseline measurements. Monocyte cell-surface TLR4 expression increased over the course of the intervention, such that week 8 was greater than baseline (P<0.001). Similar to TLR2, there was no significant group effect for TLR4 expression. Conclusions. Consumption of a low-fat diet and exercise caused significantly more weight loss than low-fat diet alone. Overall, there were decreases in insulin resistance in all groups and decreased fasting blood glucose, suggesting there may have been a decrease in disease risk factors. Increases in monocyte concentration and TLR2/4 cell-surface expression suggest that it may be the diet and exercise intervention was not long enough to elicit changes in inflammation following such a long period of high-fat feeding. More research is needed to understand these changes. This study was useful in understanding the overall changes that occurred with a diet and exercise intervention. It was also an important step in directly comparing forced and voluntary exercise.

80% (5)

Foods that Alkalinize and Heal 1939 : Muesli is the perfect food

Foods that Alkalinize and Heal 1939 : Muesli is the perfect food

The elements which the body requires may be grouped in three lists, thus:

Get Enough But Not Too Much

Fuel (Carbohyurates and fats)
Total protein
Animal protein

Get Enough

Other minerals
Vitamin B
Vitamin D
Vitamin E

Get More Than Enough

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin G

Gove Hambidge, in "Your Meals and Your Money," explains the lists in this way:

We must have enough of all elements listed in the first group but too much is likely to be harmful.

We must have enough of the elements listed in the second group to prevent certain definite troubles, but there is no evidence that an extra-liberal amount of any of them does us any particular good.

There is growing evidence that an extra-liberal amount of each of the elements listed in the third column does us a great deal of good.

Hambidge points out that the simplest, most practical way to get liberal amounts of the four elements in the last column is to include in the daily food supply liberal quantities of:

Leafy, green (spinach, etc.) and yellow (carrots, squash, etc.) vegetables.
Tomatoes and/or citrus fruits.
Milk and milk products.


The perfect food has been devised at last, according to a Swiss doctor. Simple, tasty, suitable for every meal, containing every vitamin. And you will find every ingredient in your own larder.

Here is the recipe, approved by experts:- For one person: Mix into a bowl one tablespoon honey, two tablespoons cream, two tablespoons hot water, one tablespoon oatmeal, juice of half lemon, two apples, (medium-sized, grated), one tablespoon ground hazel nuts; mix all together; serve fresh.

The perfect food is the discovery of Dr. K. Bircher, the Swiss scientist. He worked out the formula for some of the invalids, mainly British nowadays, who flock to Switzerland.

Dr. Bircher gave up test tubes and chemicals and went to his wife's kitchen.

Then he tried the formula on his patients. Almost from the first day they began to gain weight and vigour. Now his patients have it twice a day. Nothing else. Nothing in between.


Snow Liniment for Lung Congestion and Pain Control Here is a remarkable home-made liniment for sore muscles, rheumatic pains, neuralgia, lung and heart congestion. Beat 2 whole eggs and one extra yolk with 4 oz. turpentine. Add 4 oz. of malt vinegar and 4 oz. water, 2 ounces at a time, beating vigorously after each addition. Simply spread over affected parts.

Bitter Herbs and Barks - The bitter teas and tonics prepared from a multitude of herbs and barks have long been recognized to be of great therapeutic value. To these may be added certain bitter vegetable antiseptic preparations which may be taken internally and which, too, have a decided effect in inhibiting the growth and multiplication of bacteria. Certain of these preparations are extremely helpful for the condition noted on page 25 regarding mucous congestion in the digestive tract. Let your Health Food dealer advise you in these matters. Of real value, too, not only because they enable many to eliminate coffee with its harmful substances from the diet but because they have distinct medicinal properties, are certain of the coffee substitutes, particularly those mode from whole grains and containing flaxolin.

Vitamin Concentrates - We have already noted the advantages of securing our high amounts of vitamins through natural foods. However, there are occasions when extra vitamins may be needed at a time when food of any kind is contra-indicated - at the onset of a cold, for example, or when threatened with pneumonia. At this time the special vitamin concentrates such as vitamin A and D capsules, fish liver oil preparations, etc. may prove of value. Particularly in the winter time where many dietaries are necessarily low in vitamin A and when many have little opportunity to permit the sunshine to create vitamin D, added amounts of these vitamins in fish oils or other wholesome form can only contribute to higher health.

For Constipation - Soak a tablespoonful of wheat bran in a glass of lukewarm water for several hours. Strain and take a tablespoonful three times a day. The ones with no muscular weakness of the colon but suffering merely from constipation, can take more of this extract at a time. Those with bad muscular weakness should begin with small doses taken more frequently. Quick action can bo had with this extract by taking it on an empty stomach. A good way to take this is in citrus fruit juice.

Bitter Tea - The bitter tea from carrot tops or leaves is used for drying up ulcerations and is reported to have worked wonders in rectal abcesses. It is a good internal antiseptic and ranks with grape fruit bitters (see page 34) for this purpose.

Internal Bath Through Isotonic Solution: This solution is composed of salt and w

#1 The Doc Electric (Dr. Alfred Hammersmith Electravio ABD)

#1 The Doc Electric (Dr. Alfred Hammersmith Electravio ABD)

I must confess, the profile I am about to tell is one full of hearsay, conjecture, presumptions, and all together known lies. I had not had the pleasure to meet let alone interview Dr Alfred H Electravio until well after his capture by the Utah State Police and incarceration to ________ Asylum. Because of this late meeting I had to base this extremely summarized biography on the Doctor's own insane and often times incoherent ramblings, often filled with non-sequiter interjections and ejaculations as the examples that follow: "King Cabbage dines politely without haste inside his hat! HIS HAT I TELL YOU!" "Grrrrrrrrrrrrr hisssss grrrrrrrrrr hisssssss FAPUNKTIK!" "Have you no pocket wrenches man?! They are only Three Cents a Doubles!"

Born in Berkeley, California (that hotbed of Mad Scientists) to an Assyrian candlestick maker and the daughter of an Italian-American haberdasher, young Al H Electravio spent his rugratting years at the heels of giants. The Doctor was conceived in the People's Park, on May 15th admidst the wild violence of Bloody Thursday, brought down onto Berkeley by the Governor Ronald W Reagan. Coincidentally, years later, it would be Reagan who would then promote the young genius Electravio's vision of a fleet orbiting Death Lasers to strike down Hippies and Communists and anyone who found their way on to the Doctor's ever expanding "shit list".

By the age of two and seven months, before he uttered his first word, Electravio had already learned the craft of his forebears so well that he was able to successfully combine the two; working long past bedtime in his father's wax cellar using his mother's old sewing machine. The invention he formed would be marketed to great regional success as The Nite-Coat., A sporty and wearable dinner jacket for the dapper gad-about-town made only from a special tallow the Doctor had engineered himself, that could be ignited at the lapels and elbows to provide enough luminescence to read good honest American words in some of the cities danker and poorly lit Beatnik juice bars. Ironically, in light of the Doctor's future hatred of all nature, peace, and free loving counter culturalists, the jacket was a big hit among the hippies of the West Coast, as it saved energy and electricity, and also the wax being homegrown and organic was indeed a sanctioned product of the great Earth Mother, Gaia.

He would face his first great emotional trial at age twelve, when his mother was crushed to death by a falling redwood. Not a redwood in the great forests of Northern California and the Cascade Mountains, but at Lumberjack Lou's Restaurant and Lube off of route 101 in San Jose. The Mother Electravio, a noted environmental activist in the local community, was leading a protest of the establishment for having a forty foot long redwood log chained to its facade. The protest turned for the worse when some of the members attempted to cut the redwood from its bonds so that they could return it to Gaia. Unfortunately they did not take in to account physical laws, and once the chains were cut, the log was pulled at rapidly increasing pace over the welcoming arms of the Mother Electravio. She did not flee from it but saw it as a welcome boon from the Earth Mother, and looked to embrace it with the love and respect it deserved. That day the Doctor hardened his heart against the hippys and treehuggers who put his beloved mam in front of that rolling redwood, and began to seek the making of all things green and growing obsolete and unnecessary for human life.

Electravio first gained international attention when he bought ten thousand acres of the Brazilian Rainforest and destroyed all of it within twenty and five tenth seconds using his prototype neutrino bomb. Electravio was not only testing the bomb, but also wanted to test his fleet of OxyGenerators, and measure the scalable effects on Earth's atmosphere and on the local fauna. Several environmental and global bodies moved to seek action against him, but could not because of his complete legal claim over the land and all that was contained in it, and the fact that he had safely employed and trained the indigenous inhabitants to help him run the experiments. Regardless of the anger and fist-shaking, nothing could be done, and if it weren't for the automated Liberal-Indignance seeking targeting system that Electravio had installed on his orbiting death ray, the Human-Ultraviolet-Biometric-comBustion-Light-Emitter or Hubble , he would have never been stopped.

The first few instances of famous liberal environmental activists spontaneously combusting were seen just as mere unrelated coincidence. In fact in the early nineties the string of human-combustion cases were used as propaganda against the low fat and grain heavy diets of vegetarians and vegans. Detractors claimed it was high fat content meats that prevented good honest red blooded people from just exploding willy nilly, spreadi

effects of low fat diet

effects of low fat diet

The Leptin Boost Diet: Unleash Your Fat-Controlling Hormones for Maximum Weight Loss

When the hormone leptin blinds with receptors in your brain, it shuts down your appetite and speeds up your metabolism!


On the Leptin Boost Diet, you will correct the hormonal imbalances that have made it impossible to lose weight on other diets and:

•Develop a lean body
•Maintain a healthy weight
•Feel more energetic
•Elevate your mood
•Experience restful sleep
•Sharpen your mental focus

When short of leptin, your brain mistakenly thinks your body is starving and sends signals telling you to eat more. The Leptin Boost Diet reserves both leptin deficiency in the bloodstream and leptin resistance in the brain, ensuring that you will finally feel full and stop overeating.

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